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2015 McMurrin Lecturer Lester Bush 

 Fall 2015 McMurrin Lecture on Religion and Culture with Lester Bush
"Looking Back, Looking Forward:
Mormonism's Negro Doctrine 42 Years Later"
Opening Plenary Session of
Black, White, and Mormon: A Conference on the Evolving Status of Black Saints within the Mormon Fold
October 8, 2015
 UMFA's Dumke Auditorium | 7pm
Marcia and John Price Museum Building
410 Campus Center Drive SLC, UT 84112
Lester Bush will reflect on the 42 years since his seminal article was published in Dialogue which undermined the standing historical narrative that the LDS Church's priesthood ban began with Joseph Smith. We invite Bush to consider the past forty years: what has changed, what has stayed the same, and what steps are yet necessary to bring about change.


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McMurrin Lecture on Religion and Culture

Founded in 1992, the McMurrin Lecture supports the serious and knowledgeable study of religion. The McMurrin Lecture honors beloved scholar and teacher Sterling M. McMurrin (1914-1996), who served as U.S. Commissioner of Education during the Kennedy Administration.


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