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BARRY SCHECK, Attorney and Co-Founder of The Innocence Project / Human Values & The Innocence Project / February 08, 2017

SIDDHARTHA MUKHERJEE, Oncologist and Author / "Previvors and Post-humans: The Fantasies of Changing the Human Genome" / March 22, 2016

MARGARET ATWOOD, Author / "Human Values in an Age of Change" / March 25, 2015

NEIL deGRASSE TYSON, Astrophysicist / “Science as a Way of Knowing” / March 26, 2014

ANDREW SOLOMON, Author and Journalist / “Love, Acceptance, Celebration: How Parents Make Their Children” / November 4, 2013

MICHAEL SANDEL, Professor / “Casino Capitalism: Gambling, Investing, and the Ethics of Speculation” / February 27, 2013

DR. ABRAHAM VERGHESE, Physician, Author, and Scholar / “Two Souls Intertwined” / February 16, 2012

SPIKE LEE, Filmmaker / “America Through My Lens: The Evolving Nature of Race and Class in the Films of Spike Lee” / September 14, 2010

ISABEL ALLENDE, Author and Social Activist / “In the Hearts of Women” / December 2, 2009

DR. RICHARD J. DAVIDSON, Scholar and Author / “Order and Disorder in the Emotional Brain” / February 4, 2009

DR. HOWARD GARDNER, Scholar and Author / “What is Good Work?” & “Achieving Good Work in Turbulent Times” / April 9-10, 2008

BILL VIOLA, Artist / “Presence and Absence: Vision and the Invisible in the Media Age” / March 7, 2007

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