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Work in Progress Talks  Spring 2018

Work in Progress Talks give research fellows at the Tanner Humanities Center opportunity to present the latest work on their current research and to receive feedback in a casual setting from faculty, staff, students, and community. Open to the public but seating is limited, light lunch provided. Talks are held every spring in the Jewel Box, Room 143 @CTIHB (MAP). Please e-mail John Boyack or call 801-587-8879 for ADA accommodation.

40 minute talk plus 20 minute Q&A. Talks begin promptly at Noon.

Titles and descriptions TBA

02/06 - Jessica Straley, English, University of Utah

02/13 - Matt Romaniello, History, University of Hawai'i at Manoa

02/20 - Cristina Rosetti, Religious Studies, University of California-Riverside

02/27 - Sunggyung Jo, English, University of Utah

03/06 - Daniell Olden, History, University of Utah

03/13 - Nick Harrison, Philosophy, University of Utah

03/27 - Gretchen Henderson, English, Georgetown University

04/03 - Jeremy Rosen, English, University of Utah

04/10 - Kevin Coe, Communication, University of Utah

04/17 - Christal Hazelton, Film & Media Arts, University of Utah

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Water in India’s Deccan:
A Hydrosocial Perspective

BENJAMIN B. COHEN | Virgil C. Aldrich Faculty Fellow
Professor, Department of History, University of Utah

Blender, Strainer, Enema, Conflict:
Differences in disgust among medical practitioners and patients over Fecal Microbiota Tranplants

JESSICA HOUF | Graduate Student Research Fellow
Department of Communication, University of Utah

Are Living Things Beings, Changes, or Both?
Matter, Composition, and Biological Unity in Aristotle

ANNE PETERSON, Virgil C. Aldrich Faculty Fellow
Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Utah

Unsettling Settler Masculinity

MATT BASSO | Virgil C. Aldrich Faculty Fellow
Associate Professor, Departments of History and Gender Studies

Making “good workers and good citizens:”
American Indians, Gender, and the Post War Urban Relocation Program

COLLEEN O’NEILL | Obert C. & Grace A. Tanner Humanities Center Visiting Faculty Research Fellow
Associate Professor, Department of History, Utah State University 

The Net, the Web, Pornography, and the Dead:
Mormonism Online Before the Bloggernacle

GAVIN FELLER | Obert C. & Grace A. Tanner Humanities Center Graduate Research Fellow in Mormon Studies
Department of Communication Studies, University of Iowa

Be Compassionate Towards None:
Thinking About the Status of the Other through Buddhist Compassion, Augustine’s Charity, and Levinas’ Ethics

PIERRE-JULIEN HARTERObert C. & Grace A. Tanner Humanities Center Visiting Faculty Research Fellow
The Graham School, University of Chicago

Recreating the Grand View Garden:
Truth Within Fiction in Dream of the Red Chamber

JONAH KATZ | Asian Studies Major, Honors College, University of Utah
Obert C. & Grace A. Tanner Humanities Center Honors College Undergraduate Research Fellow

Encyclopedia of Nonknowledge:
Bataille, Duchamp, and the Da Costa

ANNE ROYSTON | Obert C. & Grace A. Tanner Humanities Center Graduate Research Fellow
Department of English, University of Utah

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