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2009 World Leaders Lecture Forum with César Gaviria

"Leadership in an Uncertain World"

April 2, 2009

So just how bad is the global economic crisis? | Salt Lake Tribune

César Gaviria was elected president of Colombia in May 1990. During his four-year term, he enacted policies to strengthen democracy, promote peace, and reintegrate armed rebels into civilian life. In 1991, through the plebiscite and elected constitutional assembly, Colombia drafted a new, more democratic constitution. 

Former Colombian President César Gaviria – known in Latin America as a conflict mediator, advocate of democracy, and staunch supporter of regional integration and defender of human rights – was first elected Organization of American State (OAS) Secretary General in 1994 and re-elected for a second term in 1999. 

Trough his strategy for a “New Vision of the OAS,” Gaviria fostered profound institutional changes that reinvigorated the inter-American agenda and prepared OAS to meet the challenges the region faces today. During Gaviria’s tenure, the OAS intensified efforts to improve hemispheric security and combat terrorism, drugs, and corruption.

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