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Apply to Become a
Tanner Humanities Fellow

2021 - 2022: Through the research fellowship program, the Tanner Humanities Center seeks to encourage, support, and disseminate important humanistic research. 

The deadline for University of Utah faculty applicants is October 15, 2020 to their department chair, and October 31, 2020 to the Center. Internal applicants will be notified on or before December 1, 2020.

The deadline for graduate fellows is March 1, 2021. The external fellowship application process has been suspended for the 2021-22 year. Applications will be accepted in December 2021 for the 2022-23 year. 

2021-2022 Internal Fellowship Application  2021-2022 Graduate FELLOWSHIP APPLICATION

The Annie Clark Tanner Teaching & Research Fellow in Environmental Humanities

The Tanner Humanities Center and the Environmental Humanities Program of the University of Utah request applications for the Annie Clark Tanner Teaching Fellowship.  This fellowship seeks an environmental writer to offer classes in Utah’s Environmental Humanities Graduate Program.

Environmental Humanities aims to produce an interdisciplinary, intellectual, and creative space where students and faculty reflect, create, and act at the intersection of the academy and the world. Our work engages new forms of environmental leadership and stewardship while learning from ecology and environmental justice.

The fellowship will consist of a Spring 2020 semester-long residency, with the plan to reappoint the fellow for a second semester in Spring 2021.

The successful candidate will have an office in the Tanner Humanities Center and be part of the Center’s fellow community.

The position offers an honorarium of $50,000 per year.

Please send your application material to Erika George, Tanner Humanities Center Director, at Please have all supporting materials in by February 10, 2019.

Questions can be addressed to Jeffrey McCarthy, Director of Environmental Humanities, University of Utah,

The successful applicant will:

  • Teach one course: an Environmental Humanities Writing Seminar
  • Mentor students to cultivate their writing and analytical abilities
  • Deliver a work-in-progress talk during the semester in residence
  • Participate in the intellectual life of the Tanner Humanities Center and of the Environmental Humanities graduate program

Applicants are asked to submit a portfolio including:

  1. A one-page cover letter explaining your interest in the position and qualities as a teacher
  2. A CV
  3. A one page course description and a syllabus for an Environmental Humanities Writing Seminar
  4. Two peer recommendations (submitted independently)

Honors Undergraduate Research Fellowship


Are you a Humanities major and working on your Honors Thesis? Then apply to be the next Honors Tanner Undergraduate Fellow. You will have the opportunity to work on and workshop your thesis, plus receive a $2,500 fellowship for Spring 2021. Additionally, you will have your own office in the Tanner Center and participate in fellow workshop meetings.

Complete application due TBA  to Aaron Reynolds. Applications can be dropped off at the Honors Center or emailed to

Application Requirements

  1. Cover letter Please state why you are applying, what is your background and what do you expect to get out of this fellowship.
  2. Resume (2-pages max)
  3. One-page overview of your Honors Thesis Please state what you are researching, what you expect the results to be and how what you learned will assist you in being an excellent Honors Tanner Undergraduate Fellow. 
  4. Letter of Reference Please ask someone who can attest to your research abilities to write this letter. Your thesis advisor would be a great choice.


Last Updated: 8/30/21