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Welcome to our NEH Landmarks of American History and Culture website for Manifest Destiny Reconsidered: The Utah Experience. On June 16-21, 2019 and July 7-12, 2019, the Tanner Humanities Center will offer this workshop on the University of Utah campus and at historic sites and landmarks in the Salt Lake City area. This website will showcase what will be an enriching, though-provoking, and relevant experience about the interplay of local and national history.

campus wasatch

Utah Territory Coat of Arms

Utah Coat of Arms 1876

Illustrated, 1876

Our workshop will enrich the curriculum of teachers nationwide by helping them develop a nuanced understanding of western expansion. Under the direction of a diverse team of national and local scholars, teachers will investigate ways religion, race, gender, and class impacted the Utah migration and challenged standard interpretations of Manifest Destiny and American citizenship. The workshop also will provide teachers with a historical framework for analyzing current conflicts over freedom of religion, equality, immigration, use of force, and federal vs. state rights.

It is an honor for us to host this NEH workshop and to welcome local and national teachers to the University of Utah and the Tanner Humanities Center.  We aim to work together to study our state’s and our country’s past as an opening to its present and future. We look forward to receiving your application.

Warm regards,

2019 Project Co-Directors
Bob Goldberg, Director, Tanner Humanities Center
Paul Reeve, Professor of History, University of Utah

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